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    Structural Design Services

    Providing design services from a single beam to full building design

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    Structural Surveys

    Conducting Full structural surveys and structural reviews for Property owners and Buyers

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    Geotechnical Surveys

    Whether an extension or a new building, geotechnical surveys are a pre-cursor to developing foundation designs for your new structure

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    Foundation Designs

    Strip footings, raft foundations and underpinning of existing structures.

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Located in Southery, near Downham Market, Anthony-Johnson is a Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Consultancy, providing Civil, Sturctural and Environmental Design and Analysis Services in North Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and West Norfolk.

Our services

Anthony-Johnson provides a range of Engineering Services, covering the Civil and Structural Sector. The Practice engages in CDM, Structural design, Geotechnical Surveys, Property Surveys and assesments and provides services to Homeowners and Businesses alike. The Practice has extensive experience in Historic buildings conservation & design.

Historic Buildings

A historic area of England, the East coast around the Wash envelops many structures that were built before the inception of Building Act of 1878. As such, any design work should be considered from a sympathetic stand-point so as to avoid deterioration to the fabric of the existing structure.

Anthony-Johnson provides a range of services aimed at the assesment, conservation and restoration of Historic buildings in the most sympathetic manner possible. These include Site investigations, structural design and specifications.


Structural Design

Design of Steel, Timber and Masonry Structures and Structural Members. Design using Concrete.


Development of Layout plans, detailing and production of Drawings for Planning Applications, Building Regulations and Construction Phase
Foundation Analysis.

Foundation design including Pad, Raft and Strip footings. Design of retaining walls and soak-aways.


Condition Surveys

Anthony-Johnson provides condition surveys of entire residential and commercial structures, assesing the fabric of a building, areas of deterioration and conditions that may lead to future defects. Our reports can be used to put in place a system of rememdial measures or works to rectify defects and prevent future deterioration.

Historic Structural Assesments

Materials and techniques used in the construction of buildings before the Building Act of 1878 differ considerably from those used in modern buildings. Historic buildings may lack substantial foundations, have no damp proof course and rely on the use of "floating timber" floors, raised above "dirt" by no more than two feet. Applying modern building techniques and materials to such structures can inadventatly introduce rapid decay to the fabric of the building. Our understanding of such historic building practices allows us to investigate and assess such buildings, avoiding the confusion of modern building regulations.

Core Services:

Core services include Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geotechnics, Site Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Health and Safety and Structural Investigation.

Tanfield-Johnson provides specifications, surveys and reports as well as CDM support.
Prior Contracts

Prior works completed by the consultancy include:

Party Wall Notices.
Geotechnical Analysis.
Geotechnical Site Investigations.
Structural Investigations.
Delpaidations Reports.
CDM Design Briefs & Pre-tender Packs.
Full Structural Surveys including subsidence assesments
Timber Design: Rafters, floor joists, Glulam Portal Frames, Structural Stud Walls.
Steel Members: Opening up works, portal frames, columns and beams.
Masonry Design: Masonry wall panels, Windposts, Bearing Stress analysis.
Foundation Design: Design of Strip Footings and Raft Foundations.


Environmental Consultant

We provide Site Waste Management Plans, Environmental Audits, Assistance with preparation of an EMS, Waste Audits, Pricing and Brokering Services, Permitting Applications and assistance with Environmental Enforcement matters occuring under the "Duty of Care".

Health and Safety

Our experience allows us to act as the "Competent Person", developing, delivering and deploying Health and Safety plans to the construction phase of a project. These include development in lieu of the Six Pack, fire risk assesments, employee safety, site safety training and construction phase planning.

Latest projects

The practice has an extensive portfolio of projects, ranging from Restoration design work to geotechnical surveys and structural surveys. Our core business remains structural design works, typically engaged by Architects. A Range of the Latest Projects Anthony-Johnson is engaged in:

Change of Use works to a Grade II listed Barn

The Practice has been engaged by a self-builder who has planning permission for change of use of an Existing grade II listed barn in Suffolk. As consulting Engineer to the client, the practice communicates proposals with the local Conservation officer and produces design works to ensure the structure meets Part A of the Building Regulations

Novel House Build Project

Having been Engaged by a Self Builder and working alongside the Architect, Anthony-Johnson carried out Geotechnical Surveys, produced foundation designs, lintel designs and steel frame designs to allow the construction of a house formed entirely from Durisol Blocks. These insulating blocks are formed from Hemp, pre-cast with cement binder and allow for an almost Lego Like construction of new structures. Turn the blocks on their side, add reinforcement and concrete to make lintels.

The Design of structural Elements to an Extension

Building an extension can appear a daunting task. Anthony-Johnson was engaged by a Primary School to conduct a geotechnical survcey and design foundations for an extension to a traditionally built School. The presence of Corbelled Brick footings to the original building meant that a raft foundation had to be used. Architectural details added complexity to the Raft, which had to take into account a retained masonry pier, protruding side wall and infill beam support.

Latest news

Here's a rundown of the projects currently being worked on by the Practice. From structural designs to understanding why a house is moving, The practice aims to discern Engineered solutions.

Traditional Construction and longspan floorjoist design

The practice was tasked with the structural design of new floor joists for an existing Georgian building. The aim of the design was to span fl

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Historic Conservation & Structural Engineering

Structural design for Historic Buildings can be a tricky beast. Traditional building materials introduce additional factors that need to be tak

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The Design of Structural Steelwork for a House

Based North of Wisbech, just outside of Throckenholt, a client wanted some structural alterations to be designed for his property. The design its

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