3 Westgate Street, Southery.

PE38 0PA. United Kingdom.



01945 660504


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Initial Layout/ Architectural Layout:

A client requested the initial design of a series of 3 dwelling units, designed to fall within the curtilage of an existing steel portal Framed Farm Building. Falling under the Guise of a Class Q Change of Use, a suitable design would be provided with “Deemed Consent”, automatically meeting the requirements of Planning.

The initial appraisal of the Portal Framed Barn took the form of a site visit and survey, so as to obtain existing section sizes of the steel members, the dimensions of the portal frame bays and dimensions of the Haunches at both Apex and Eaves.

An analysis of the structure to both BS5950 and Eurocode 3, revealed that the Portal frames could accommodate suitable loads from a cladding system that would provide adequate insulation. Sway was found to be L/200 and this dictated the initial layout of the retro-fitted interior.

Layout: The building’s overall residential area is constrained by Class Q to less than 450 square meters on plan.

Instep areas, employing a timber cladding system were devised, off-setting the external appearance of the Steel cladding. Large windows, allowing for extensive lighting were included, thereby allowing for the orientation of the building, which was found to be in a Northerly Direction.

Internal Masonry, comprising Block work was included to allow for disproportionate collapse of the building, thereby protecting occupants of adjacent dwelling units, should one of the units collapse due to fire or accidental damage.

The floor to the existing building was raised by 500mm so as to allow for the building being in a “Flood Zone 3”.

This property is located within the curtilage of a Growth Village, meaning that it stands a “better” chance of being granted “Change of Use” consent. The consent itself takes into account other factors other than external appearance.

This includes the vicinity to services including water, gas, sewage and electricity, the location or vicinity to “special” areas and whether the property or land has, within a given period, been used for Farming.