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Structural Survey & Renovation

I was recently engaged by a client to carry out the survey of a property for restoration. Purchased at auction, the property was in a significant state of decay, with previous building works partly completed. Sections of the property were at risk of collapse due to a lack of suitable temporary supports and other parts of the property’s interior had been constructed using inadequate structural beams for supports. A short schedule of works was drawn up as part of the survey and presented to the client, so that a builder could be contracted to rectify structural defects before the weather deteriorated. These works included the shoring up of an existing external wall, precariously supported on “cantilevered” Acro Props some 3 meters in length. The temporary supports, which were positioned incorrectly already showed signs of having moved under the weight of masonry they were supporting and a crack, 1 inch in width had opened up to the interior of the supported brickwork skin.

As a consequence of the survey, I advised the client to engage the services of an Architect, who would produce preliminary plans, against which I could produce Structural Calculations for internal steelwork beams, timber floor joists and masonry walls. Given that the roof to the property had been completely removed and new trusses fitted, tiles, battens and felt could not be laid until a suitable planning application was granted by Fenland District Council. This would cause significant delay to the commencement of any works on-site, leaving the existing building at risk from further decay, as it was not watertight. It was therefore imperative that a design, commensurate with the surrounding properties was produced, so as to facilitate a quick and painless planning approval, thereby allowing works on the property to commence in earnest.