3 Westgate Street, Southery.

PE38 0PA. United Kingdom.



01945 660504

CAD Modelling, Drawings & Plans:

I am proficient in the production of Plan, Elevation and detail drawings for Civil and structural projects as well as conceptualized consumer products.

I have extensive experience in the use of AUTOCAD with many years of continual experience in it’s use as a tool to communicate design concepts and finished products to clients, contractors and Local Authorities (Building Control & Planning). This includes the development of drawings for:

  • Steel Framed Buildings
  • Concrete Detailing
  • Detailing for Foundations and Footings
  • Masonry and Timber Buildings, Houses and Dwelling units
  • Site Plans and layouts
  • Office layouts
  • Car Parks and their optimal layouts
  • Landscaping
  • Detailing of steelwork fixings & reinforced concrete

I am able to produce both conceptual layouts and structural drawings to communicate the finished product including:

  • Architectural Drawings- Pre-Applications drawings and Planning Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings- Layout of structural members, detailing and building layouts
  • Landscaping Drawings.

For Planning:

I am able to produce conceptual CAD drawings, along with relevant statutory documents (Flooding, SSSI searches, statutory searches, Environmental Impacts) submitting them to the relevant planning department, along with the relevant planning application.

For Building Regulations:

Where required, I am able to produce CAD drawings for submission alongside Structural calculations to prove structural safety, documents covering fire safety, resistance to sound, ventilation and where required relevant evidence covering other areas as specified by Building Control.

For Construction:

My expertise includes the production of construction phase documents, including Construction Phase CAD drawings, details, construction phase health and safety plans, method statements and Site specific risk assessments.