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Structural Surveys:

Are you dubious about recent works you’ve had undertaken? Are you unsure about a purchase you wish to complete on? If you think the curve to a wall shouldn’t be there or the roof is sagging in a way you don’t feel happy about, please feel free to give us a call.

We can at the very least give you some professional guidance and at the most carry out a survey that may help you with any decisions you need to make. After all, there’s quirks to a house or building that develop over decades and then there’s structural deterioration and differentiating the two is sometimes very hard to do. Our Service is most suited to:

  • Prospective Property Buyers:
  • Existing Property Owners
  • Buy-to-let Business Owners

We provide a number of different survey options including a

  • Homebuyers report
  • Building Survey
  • Full Structural Survey.

Details of each type of survey are highlighted as follows:

Homebuyers Report:

A Basic Homebuyers survey is designed to offer the homebuyer an overview of the prospective property purchase. It’s aim is not to be complicated but to simply highlight:

  • Major Issues in the Building
  • Urgent problems that require immediate attention

The aim of the survey is to give the prospective buyer feedback to help carry out an informed decision about the price of the property and any issues that should be negotiated on, prior to final purchase. This type of survey should only be used for standard properties of mid to low value. For larger properties, properties that have been renovated and properties that are unusually constructed, we suggest a full building survey.

Building Survey:

A Building Survey is more comprehensive than a Homebuyers report. It offers the prospective buyer a detailed report of the condition and construction of the property, highlighting any faults associated with it.

A Building survey is aimed at properties that are non-standard in construction. If you are considering purchasing a property for renovation or aim to carry out the renovation of a property, this type of survey is best.

Unlike a Structural Survey, a building survey is designed to take into account the entire property, services, property extensions and land to the property. The survey aims to provide advice with regard to future/ planned extensions to a property, the material condition of the property and any works that should be carried out to maintain the property in a suitable condition.

Full Structural Survey:

Please be aware that a Structural Survey carried out by us will not assist you in obtaining a Mortgage for your property. Our surveys are designed to inform you of the works that would be required to maintain a property to a suitable standard and prevent further deterioration.

Areas Inspected:

  • Timber (Visual Inspection of Rafters, Purlins, Beams, window frames and external cills)
  • Masonry: The visual nature of an existing masonry wall can indicate many defects and highlight potential future defects. Areas I’m most concerned about include: Mortar Joints, The DPC, Brickwork below DPC, Brickwork Facing, vertical line of external walls, presence of wall ties, condition of the gable ends, potential spreading to walls.
  • Stonework: Inspect for patching, cracking, spalling (particularly around mortar bed joints).
  • Ground level and where hard standing abuts the property: Inspect for Damp, wear or loss of brickwork below DPC, ensure hard standing is not above height of DPC.
  • Guttering & Rainwater Goods: Inspect to ensure they are in order and functional- look for leaks and marking to local brickwork.
  • Planning Consent, Building Regulations Approval: Inspect records and ensure that works that have been historically carried out on the property have been carried out with local planning approval. Determine whether the Property is within a Conservation area and any details to the property do not meet with current Planning matters (UPVC Windows, modern structural details, External colours).

Our Survey reports will then contain details of works that would be required to maintain your property, ensuring it does not fall into dis-repair, thereby reducing it’s future value ‘to below Market expectations’ for a like for like property in the same area.