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Property Survey:

A client requested my assistance with a Structural Engineers Survey of his Semi Detached Property. The property, which had been placed on the Market, had previously remained unsold, with a prospective buyer “pulling out” of the sale shortly after having received a Structural Engineers report on the property.

Prior knowledge of the report produced by a local Structural Engineer meant that I approached this survey with trepidation. Professional indemnity can inadvertently result in the Engineer being overly Cautious when carrying out a survey for a prospective buyer, thereby finding faults in the property when there are none to be found. In conducting this survey for the vendor, I surveyed the entire exterior of the property, finding little more than a covered Air vent to the underside of the floating timber floor to the front elevation of the property.

A Resin injected DPC to the rear was unfortunately installed to a solid brick wall and whilst correctly corresponding to an internal concrete ground bearing slab, would do little for a property of this age. However, further inspection revealed moss to the exterior face of the wall, extending up to the underside of the original DPC but no further, This indicated that masonry above the original DPC remained dry and free of internal moisture.

The interior of the property was similarly immaculate and the lack of cracks, damp, movement or dry rot within the property itself indicated that it was in sound condition.